3M™ Compound Plastic Restorer 0,5 lt - 59015

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Plastic Restorer 3M 59015 is an abrasive polishing liquid intended for the removal of sanding scratches on polycarbonates during renovation operations.

Application domain

When renovating polycarbonate surfaces, it is often necessary to carry out sanding operations. The latter, even made with very fine abrasives (ex Trizact ™ P3000) leave micro-scratches that should be softened to give the surface all its clarity.

When used with a 3M 50499 green polishing foam mounted on a rotary polisher (1500 - 2000 rpm), the Plastic Restorer 3M 59015 liquid reduces sanding scratches left by the Trizact ™ P3000.

The final clarity and transparency will then be obtained with the Plastic Polish liquid 3M 59016.

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