3M™ Tora™ CCS Safety Glasses, Anti-Scratch / Anti-Fog, Clear Lens

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3M™ Tora™ CCS Safety Glasses 71511-00000, Anti-Scratch / Anti-Fog, Clear Lens. The Safety Glasses with the Cord Control System (CCS) are convenient for workers who are intermittently exposed to noise. When earplugs are required the unique temple design controls and holds the cord of the earplugs to keep them securely in place and untangled. Additionally, when earplugs are not in use, the CCS feature allows the corded earplugs to act as a lanyard; a cord worn around the neck for carrying your protective eyewear.
  • Safety glasses with a cord control system designed to keep corded earplugs attached, untangled and ready for use
  • The earplugs cord can also be used as a lanyard worn around the neck
  • Anti-Scratch & Anti-Fog coating for increased durability and improved vision

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