3M™ Slip Resistant General Purpose Tape Yellow/Black Universal 50mm x 20m

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The product consists of a Aluminumoxide particles bonded by a durable polymer to a flexible PVC film. The reverse side is coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive, covered by a removable protective paper liner. The product provides a durable, slip resistant surface for a large variety of applications.

Intended Use:
Primarily for use as a durable, slip resistant surface for dry, wet, oily floors in industrial and commercial applications with intensive pedestrian or light vehicle traffic
It designed to prevent slips at workplaces like ramps and heavy walk traffic corridors, fire escapes, ladders, stairs and in kitchens with wet oily floor areas.
Colour: black, yellow, yellow/black

Product Advantages:
· Safe, slip resistant surface
· Durable
· Easy to install
· good bond to most dry, clean, smooth surfaces

25 mm x 20 m
50 mm x 20 m
100 mm x 20 m
150mm x 20 m
50 mm x 20 m
Black / Yellow
50 mm x 20 m

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